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Premier Privacy for only $999

Your Premier Privacy Service by Privacy Pros removes you from all possible people search sites (170+) plus any new sources over the year that we track. This includes behind-the-scenes data companies, aggregate sites, and behind-the-paywall non-FCRA compliant sites.

You’ll receive a customized PDF Report in your email quarterly detailing your progress site-by-site.

VIP Opt-Out Service

Service Details:

  • Sources Covered: 170+

  • People Covered: 1 (Additions Available)

  • Name Variations: Up to 5

  • Addresses, Phones, & Emails Covered: Up to 15

  • Time to Remove: 3-12 Months in Most Cases

  • First Report: Within 14 Business Days

  • Follow-Up Reporting: Quarterly for 12 Months

  • Report Delivery: PDF Delivered Via Email

The Process

The Five Ports of Your Privacy Journey

Below are the Five Ports (or stages) you’ll experience on your

Privacy Journey. 

Port One

Identify & Initiate

This initial port (or stage) identifies the record(s) tied to you on each website and initiating removal procedures. How do we do this? Our expertly-trained crew of opt-out professionals manually scour each site and company for your provided/discovered information. Once it is identified, we initiate the appropriate proven opt-out process for the website from our secure office. Depending on the data company, this is a manual mix of submitting online forms, sending emails, sending documentation packets via U.S. mail, and making phone calls.

Initially, two or more sweeps are often done because we want to ensure each record tied to you is accounted for. The information from years ago may still be used in attempts to find you / discover more information. That’s why we never limit the name variations, addresses, phone numbers, or emails that we search for. At this point, we assemble your Initial Privacy Report - a general review of your privacy situation with average time frames.

These first sweeps from the sites are the most intense part of the process - and we do it the most effective way possible: with manual, white-glove navigation and an expert human eye to detail. After your stop at this port, you’ll be receiving your first full Privacy Report Update - a highly detailed, site-by-site review of every place your information is found. Please note that individuals with extremely common names (i.e., John Smith), multiple name variations, and multiple living locations may take longer to complete.

Port Two

Review & Secondary Clean-Up

Shortly after receiving your next Privacy Report Update, we’ll be monitoring all sites to ensure compliance with the removal requests in the expected time frames. This is also where we address any immediate repopulations, previously hidden partial records, or tech errors on the sites that may have arisen during the first sweeps.

Port Three

Google Clean-Up

A unique offering of PrivacyPros; this is the extra work, the extra hoisting that makes all the difference in your privacy journey: the deletion of now-irrelevant search results on Google. What do we mean by this? When a page is deleted from a website (for example, your profile page from WhitePages), the reflection on Google is not immediate. So if you Google yourself, you’ll still see your record and possibly your information in the gray text below the listing on Google’s search page. However, if you click on it, the page is gone. 

So, why is this link still there?
This is referred to as a Dead Link. Think of the Google Search Engine listing as a reference card at the library - a book may be removed from the library’s catalog, but the record of the book may still be there until the library updates the card catalog. The same scenario applies here. If we do nothing, the Dead Link will still come off in 3-6 weeks. However, we submit each page - as it comes down - to Google’s
Dead Link Submission Form. In most cases, this gets the link off the page in a matter of days - greatly enhancing the speed of your privacy improvement.

Port Four

End of Re-populations

Do re-populations of data happen? Sometimes, yes. But it’s not always everything and it’s typically only on a handful of sites. This most commonly occurs in the first several weeks. Here’s why it happens: one site might have a near-instant deletion process, but another site may take 2-3 weeks. Commonly, the quicker site scrapes from the longer-to-remove site once or twice. We monitor for this and we hop on it immediately. This is a normal and expected part of the process. As  10-time whack-a-mole champions, we've got our eye on the prize.

Port Five

Moving Forward & Heading Home

With your Premium Privacy service, we’ll continue monitoring and reporting back to you for the next three months. Usually, by month two, all sites serviced by those programs are entirely removed and re-populations are no longer happening. That extra month allows us to service any outstanding situations, should they arise.
Our signature Premier Privacy service removes your information from every possible source and any new people search sources that may come online within the following year. In addition, industry-specific people search sites, such as,, and CorporationWiki, are consistently watched.


Your Privacy Is Our Priority

We NEVER outsource or contract the work in any fashion.

We maintain a close-knit, well-trained firm with highly-screened, long-term professionals.

We NEVER display your info/data on an internal “customer dashboard.”

We NEVER partner with other companies to offer cross-company incentives or promotions.

We NEVER rely on computer algorithms or scraping to find record variations - it’s all human eyes, all of the time.

We keep all data on our own PRIVATE servers.


Sites we cover

....and adding more every day

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Q: Who are Privacy Pros?

PrivacyPros is a for-profit, privately-owned privacy advocacy company. We focus on the removal of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as name, DOB/age, address, prior addresses, phone numbers, emails, relatives' names, real estate records, etc. from people search, people search aggregate, genealogy, voter registration, real estate evaluation, fictitious court records, and vehicle search websites; we also help consumers with eliminating automated phone calls and unwanted solicitations via email and United States mail.

Q: Can I Purchase an A-La-Carte Opt-Out from a Particular Site or Sites?

A: Unfortunately, no. If you’re concerned only about a particular site, feel free to contact that specific site or sites to take down your information. However, keep in mind that you’ll also need to remove your information from the sites that your particular targeted site scrapes from and advertises with. This often goes into a rabbit hole of 25-50+ sites; this is another reason we do not offer a singular site opt-out service.

Q: I Don’t See A Site Offered on Your List. What Do I Do?

A: Send us an email at and ask us about it! We’re constantly adding new sites to our services and coverage as they come online. If it’s not listed yet, we most likely haven’t seen it due to its newness or we’re verifying/investigating the effectiveness of removal procedures.

Q: Do You Delete Stuff I See On Google?

A: The short answer is usually “yes” - but with these qualifications: Google itself does not truly hold your personally identifiable information on publicly-accessible sites or services (unless you join Google’s Google+ social media network - they have whatever you choose to post and publicly display, just like on Facebook). Instead, Google works as an index of what is online - think of it as an index of other sites, not the holder of your information.

Once we delete a record on a site that shows up on Google (such as WhitePages or Nuwber), the page's index will still show up on Google - even though if you click on it, you’ll be led to a “Page Not Found.” If we do nothing, this dead record will fall off in 1-2 months. However, we proactively request Google to delete these links in 1-2 weeks via their Outdated Content Page Request Form.

Q: Do You Follow Up On Google Dead Links?

A: Yes! Once we delete a record on a site that shows up on Google (such as WhitePages or Nuwber), the page's index will still show up on Google - even though if you click on it, you’ll be led to a “Page Not Found.” If we do nothing, this dead record will fall off in 1-2 months. However, we proactively request Google to delete these links in 1-2 weeks via their Outdated Content Page Request Form.

Q: Will My Name Be Deleted from My Relatives’ / Neighbors’ Records?/Advertisements?

Yes! Once your record is deleted from a site, it commonly takes 3-5 weeks for the sites to update the removal of your information on your relatives’ listings. In the interim, if someone tries to search for you or click on your name, they’ll still be brought to a “Page Not Found.”

Q: Can you scrub my social media accounts?


No. Social media scrubbing is not a service we offer. We recommend making good choices and not doing things on social media that would require scrubbing.

Q: I became a meme or accidentally went viral. Can you help?


Yes! Tired of your 15 minutes of fame that you didn't ask for? This we CAN help with, regardless of which platform is being used to share that content.

Q: Whom Do I Contact For More Information?

We would love to answer any questions that are not covered here! So please feel free to send us a message here.


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