Premier Opt-Out Service


Premier Opt-Out Service

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  • Your Premier Privacy Service by Privacy Pros removes you from all possible people search sites (163 in all) plus any new sources over the year that we track. This includes behind-the-scenes data companies, aggregate sites, and behind-the-paywall non-FCRA compliant sites. ​ You’ll receive a customized PDF Report in your email quarterly detailing your progress site-by-site.

  • Because of the nature of our hands-on, bespoke, customer-centered work, we only provide refunds in times of a breach of our Service Level Agreement on our end.

    Evil-doers, beware: we will not refund your money for incomplete work due to you running from the law, being a perpetrator of domestic violence, child abuse, white supremacy, or especially if you are a perpetrator of hate crimes of any kind. We have no problem taking your money and donating it to nonprofits to protect victims from people like you. Consider this your warning.