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Don't get left shaking in your boots!

Privacy Pros will light the way with dark web monitoring and scrubbing.

We currently supervise 30 websites, searching for client data. This service identifies credit card info, social security numbers, medical records, driver's license records, and more. On a site-by-site basis, we contact the site owners and negotiate the removal of that data. We then create a detailed report on what we find and the removal price for each occurrence.


Dark web monitoring is only available to clients with the premier opt-out service. Both services are necessary for efficient open and dark web anonymity. Dark web reports are sent out simultaneously with the regular opt-out reports. 

Your Privacy Is Our Priority

We NEVER outsource or contract the work in any fashion.

We maintain a close-knit, well-trained firm with highly-screened, long-term professionals.

We NEVER display your info/data on an internal “customer dashboard.”

We NEVER partner with other companies to offer cross-company incentives or promotions.

We NEVER rely on computer algorithms or scraping to find record variations - it’s all human eyes, all of the time.

We keep all data on our own PRIVATE servers.

Q: Do I need to be signed up for Premium Opt-Out Services to utilize your Dark Web Monitoring Services?

A: Yes. Our Premium Opt-Out Services work in tandem with our Dark Web Monitoring Services. To protect your anonymity, you want to be as invisible as possible. If you're leaving populations of your data online while mitigating dark web populations, it's much easier for attackers to re-populate your information from regular data brokerages back onto the dark web.

Q: I know of a particular site that is holding my information. What do I do?

A: Send us an email at and ask us about it! We’re constantly adding new sites to our services and coverage as they come online. If it’s not in our current monitoring list, it probably IS on our radar. We are happy to verify and investigate the effectiveness of removal procedures and whether it is a service we can offer you.

Q: Can you scrub my social media accounts?


No. Social media scrubbing is not a service we offer. We recommend making good choices and not doing things on social media that would require scrubbing.

Q: I became a meme or accidentally went viral. Can you help?


Yes! Tired of your 15 minutes of fame that you didn't ask for? This we CAN help with, regardless of which platform is being used to share that content. Check out information about Open Source Integration Tools HERE.

Q: Whom Do I Contact For More Information?

We would love to answer any questions that are not covered here! So please feel free to send us a message here.

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